Cassie Parkes is a UK-based writer with experience in both creative writing and non-fiction journalism, essays and copywriting. Since 2013, she has written over 500 articles on pop culture for a variety of sites and publishers including Cultured Vultures, Pixel Dynamo and Big Wonder Comics. Since June 2017, she also writes articles for, Lucasfilm's official Star Wars site, and as of 2018, does freelance work for Riot Games' League of Legends. She has been nominated for the Brit Writers Awards 2012 (Short Stories category) and was nominated by BioWare as a finalist in a fan contest, for a poem she wrote and recorded herself reading.

Her articles have also won awards, and her interview with Overwatch's Jonny Cruz was a Cultured Vultures Editor's Pick for 2016.

She is available for paid freelance work and can be contacted using the site’s contact form. She gets especially excited about projects to do with history, pop culture and small fuzzy animals.