Hi, I'm Cassie, a writer/journalist from the UK who's always looking for a new challenge! You can find me scribbling away at one project or another 99% of the time, trying to get my thoughts down onto paper and/or Word Doc.

I currently write articles for Cultured Vultures, where I write about everything to do with gaming, film, TV and literature. I've had a lot of fun writing about things such as Donnie Yen movies and Team Fortress 2, and I've interviewed some cool people such as the VA for Overwatch's Lucio, Jonny Cruz. Another site I create content for is Ingram Comics, a US based comics publishing group. I create articles for them on all aspects of comic book creation and culture, utilising my experience gained from writing my own scripts, as well as my academic study of comics and comic culture. (I wrote my BA dissertation on Strange Tales and the Comics Code!)

Aside from journalistic/non fiction work, I am always working on a variety of prose and script-based projects, some of which you can view here. I specialise in historical fiction and fantasy writing, though I'm always ready to try something new. For more samples of my creative work or project proposals for paid/charity work, please get in touch.

Something I'm delving into during 2017 and beyond is game design, and I've been enjoying testing out game design and interactive fiction software such as Twine and Quest. As a long-time gamer and consumer of interactive fiction, this is something I'm really excited about, and you can view my progress on the Game Design section of the site

In my spare time, I like to research history and find new worlds to lose myself in. Please feel free to contact me using the site's contact form if you want to get in touch! Thanks for stopping by!